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started 2016
Running days 229
Active Users 12,749
Total deposits $348,375,935
Total withdrawals $458,013,280
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Fuziy company's invests in assets with high liquidity, including precious metals, shares of successful and developing companies, real estate, cryptocurrency and other high-liquid assets.

Our CEO Thomas Olsson is a financial expert with an over 25 years in the financial sector.

All these assets belong to different markets, which makes it difficult to analyze them. These markets are significantly changing day by day. Fuziy employs a number of experts with years of investment experience and practical knowledge in investing.

Fuziy has legal registration in Sweden. This enables the company to have far more opportunities and rights compared to other non-legal financial companies. Our company's has balanced portfolio, which is profitable for our clients.

This became possible due to analyzing and monitoring markets and their tendency constantly. Our professionals perform these duties on a daily basis. All transactions and events related to assets are closely observed and analyzed.


Officially registered company:

Kvillevägen 98,Åstol,Sweden

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Our plans


15% after 5 Days
Minimum - $100 Maximum - 4,999
  • Duration - 5 Days
  • Principal return - Yes


17.5% after 5 Days
Minimum - $5,000 Maximum - 9,999
  • Duration - 5 Days
  • Principal return - Yes


25% after 5 Days
Minimum - $10,000 Maximum - 19,999
  • Duration - 5 Days
  • Principal return - Yes


50% after 5 Days
Minimum - $20,000 Maximum - 39,999
  • Duration - 5 Days
  • Principal return - Yes

Top Official

50% after 1 Days
Minimum - $40,000 Maximum - 100,000,000
  • Duration - 1 Days
  • Principal return - Yes
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03 Profit withdrawal

The length of the processing period for withdrawal requests depends on the payment method. Cryptocurrency, when withdrawing through all known electronic payment systems, is withdrawn within two business days. Be sure to share the link to create a new network of traders.